HEARa is dedicated to the idea that people need the right information, at the right times, to be successful with hearing loss. HEARa’s mission is to reach out to adults with hearing loss and say—keep going. Learning about your hearing loss should be a lifelong process.

Hearing Test Online

The Better Hearing Institute has a hearing test online.  There is no sound involved--you will be asked to answer 15 questions about your hearing.

The computer will score your test. It will compare your responses to 11,000 people with hearing loss and produce a personalized evaluation of your hearing. These results are for your eyes only.

The results are immediate.  

The purpose is to determine whether or not you should see a hearing health professional to have your tested.

If the results suggest a professional test, please pursue it!

In my next blog, I'll suggest some questions to ask and things to consider when shopping for a hearing care professional.


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